Efate Island

Vanuatu's main administrative island

When you at first arrive to Vanuatu, the first place you will visit is Efate island and Port Vila town, after you go through Bauerfield International Airport.

This is the gateway to Vanuatu and its other islands. The town of Port Vila is Vanuatu's capital and the largest town on the islands.

Efate Island is the administrative and political centre of Vanuatu. Home to some 50,000 people, it's also the most populated island in Vanuatu archipelago. Administratively, Efate island is in Shefa Province, one of 6 Vanuatu provinces, which were established in 1994.

Simplified map of Efate island, Vanuatu

An artist-drawn map of Efate islands features some of the many places of interest
on the
island, including some of close-by islands, such as Moso, Lelepa, Hat
and Erakor (home to Erakor Island Resort).

Vanuatu's main destination

Being the gateway to Vanuatu, Efate island is also the main destination for most visitors to Vanuatu. This is where you will find most Vanuatu resorts and other holiday accommodation, located in Port Vila and dotted around the island.

This is not to imply that only Efate island is interesting in Vanuatu. On the contrary, it's the other islands in the archipelago that attract a significant number of visitors, especially those who like unusual and unique experiences, adventure travel, and out of the way places.

But majority of visitors tend to be drawn to Efate island as it's the most convenient to visit, explore and find numerous accommodations and activities. The island's Bauerfield international airport also has a domstic airport, which serves to fly to some of the other islands in Vanuatu, such as the largest Santo island.

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