Bauerfield International Airport

Your gateway to Port Vila and Vanuatu islands

When you decide on a holiday in Port Vila or other parts of Vanuatu, you will usually fly in to Port Vila, where Vanuatu's international airport is situated.

Bauerfield International Airport is located in the heart of this tropical haven, giving area visitors enormous convenience, while the harbor is the focus of both commercial and recreational needs.

Bauerfiled International Airport building seen from an arriving airplane
A look at the Bauerfield International Airport building in Port Vila,
from an arriving plane,
taxing on the runway.

Vanuatu flights

The airport operates international flights from the nearby islands and countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Fiji. Vanuatu's main air carrier is Air Vanuatu, which also operates domestic flights to islands within Vanuatu.

Domestic airport is adjacent to the international airport. Charter flights for sightseeing and island hopping are operated from this airport by Air Vanuatu and Unity Airlines.

In addition to Air Vanuatu flights, usually done as coach services with Australia's Qantas, there are several other airlines flying in and out of Vanuatu. These include Air New Zealand, Fijian Air Pacific, New Caledonian Air Calin, and Virgin's Pacific Blue.

Port Vila fun

When you arrive to Port Vila international airport, your transport to your holiday accommodation is usually organized by your hotel or resort. However, there are also taxis available that can take you to any of Port Vila resorts.

Numerous tours and fun things to do through the city are available for newcomers, offering them a great way to enjoy the area, without wandering alone. However, the city is ideal for exploration. If you have the desire to explore on your own, you'll find only a few more hospitable cities in the world.

It is not uncommon for travelers to come to Port Vila from India or a number of other eastern countries. One factor that may be contributing to the increasing popularity of Port Vila tourism is the advent of online flight planning. The advancement of online technology has given way to unique services in which the traveler can plan a trip outside their country to an exotic location such as Port Vila and potentially save both money and time in the process. People are now planning more trips in less time and saving in the process.


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