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Port Vila town, Worawia resort and Vanuatu surrounds images

In our photo galleries you will find images of Port Vila, Worawia Holiday Haven and surrounding areas on Efate island. Clicking on the links below will bring up a new gallery viewer window with thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image with description. All images have been taken by us or friends to give you a true, authentic picture of the area.

  Port Vila, Vanuatu and Worawia photo galleries

Traditional Bungalows Gallery

Take a look inside authentic Melanesian bungalows at Worawia resort. These are hand-built bungalows for holiday accommodation in authentic local style, but with all expected self-contained comfort for resort guests.


Resort Construction Gallery

How do you build wooden bungalows in Vanuatu? We share some of the photos from bungalow construction at Worawia resort, around the turn of the century. Worawia bungalows were manually built by the locals.


Port Vila Town gallery

As Vanuatu capital, Port Vila town is the gateway to Vanuatu, with the Bauerfield International Airport being the main Vanuatu airport, located in Port Vila. Here are some images from the town itself.


Vanuatu Photo Gallery

Most of Vanuatu points of interest are located in and around Port Vila and Efate island. But there's also a lot to be found on other islands. We bring you some photos from Port Vila and its surrounds.


Worawia Resort Gallery

When it was built and opened for business around the turn of the century, Worawia resort was very unique in its Melanesian style of hospitality and accommodation. Here are some pictures from its early beginnings.

Copyright notice

All images are copyright of Worawia.com. If you would like to offer any of your own holiday photos of Worawia or Vanuatu, please click here.

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