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Efate Island

Efate is Vanuatu's Island of Adventure

The nation of Vanuatu comprises 83 islands and islets spread across the South Pacific, like emeralds on the crystalline waters. The most heavily populated island, and home of the capital Port Vila, is Efate Island.

Port Vila, the capital of the island nation, is the home of much of the estimated 50,000 residents, though there are numerous villages scattered around the island.

A trip to Efate can be an incredible experience and offers numerous ways in which to enjoy yourself during your stay. Here's where to stay and what to do on Efate island.

Accommodations on Efate

You'll find numerous resorts and hotels on the island. Accommodations range from budget-oriented hotels and hostels to luxury, all-inclusive resorts. No matter what kind of accommodations you seek, you'll find an appealing option on this island.

Port Vila harbour park 

A large harbour front park situated in the center of Port Vila provides a good escape from the busy city streets, while one can enjoy a relaxing walk and soak in beautiful sights of the Port Vila harbour, on Efate island.

Port Vila is home to a large number of the island's hotels and resorts, thanks to the deep water bay that has made this city such a shipping and travel hub. However you won't find any skyscrapers in this capital city. The area, while relatively populous, continues to be largely rural, though that has begun to change.

What To Do on Efate?

Efate island offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors. You'll find jungle hiking and trekking expeditions, sea faring, diving and much, much more. Exploring the island's beaches is an excellent way to learn about and enjoy this inviting jewel, though the jungle also offers numerous chances to enjoy the splendor of nature. If you're more in the mood for nightlife and dancing, then Port Vila is the destination for you.

You will find a large number of nightclubs featuring dancing and live music. Enjoy a shell of kava, a mixed drink of your choice or grab an ice cold beer and enjoy the city. Port Vila is also home to the best shopping on Efate island. Whether you want bargain souvenirs or upscale shopping, it's located here.

Travel To and From Efate

The dominant method of arriving on Efate Island is by airplane. The international airport in Port Vila has daily flight arrivals. However, travel by boat is also available. This method is perfect for those with the time to explore Efate island and enjoy the waters surrounding them. Travel on the island can be accomplished through car rentals, hitchhiking and taxis (in Port Vila). Additionally, you can charter a boat around Efate island for your travel needs. Walking and bicycles are a dominant form of transportation across the island, as well.

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