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Backpacking Efate

Vanuatu Backpackers Guide to Efate Island

Backpacking and hiking across the tropical islands of Vanuatu is an incredible way to leave the workaday world behind and reconnect with real life. You'll find that the people of the islands are warm and friendly, welcoming travelers into their homes, lending rides when possible and much more.

While there are more than 80 islands in the archipelago, the best place to start your tour of the islands is with Efate.

Whether you plan to backpack and camp or to hitchhike from one budget hotel to another, you'll find the best options here.

Start Backpacking Efate in Port Vila

Begin your trek in Port Vila. Not only is Port Vila the nation's capital, it's the only city on Efate; as such, it boasts an airport, as well as a port for arrival by boat. You should take the time to experience one night in the city, exploring the local markets, the nightclubs and the restaurants. When you leave, be prepared not to hitch a ride until evening. Traffic goes into the city in the mornings and leaves in the afternoon, with very little in between.

Backpacking Accommodations

Hiking on Efate island

Hiking Efate will give you the best access to local villages and unspoiled natural beauty. If you choose, there are a number of backpacking accommodations that can suit your needs. There are three camping areas on Efate that can help you enjoy your trip.

Teouma Tropical Garden offers you toilets, showers and generator power for any electrical devices that you might need to charge. You'll find the scenery exotic and beautiful.

Touvannah Mooring Base is located on the coast and provides snorkeling gear, as well as tents. You'll also find toilets and showers onsite. This is a great place from which to start a couple of days' exploration of the incredible ocean.

Tranquility Island Campground offers you several choices for your convenience. You'll find that Tranquility Base features hot and cold running water, BBQs, showers and toilets, as does Jade Beach.

Starfish Beach offers toilets and limited facilities. Small Island Beach offers no amenities and is completely natural. Food can be purchased at the resort nearby, adding convenience to your backpacking Efate trek.

Juboe Bungalows offer you accommodations on Nguna Island, giving you access to a great place to stay, without the worries of modern life. You'll find that the bungalows can sleep three people each, making this a great option for group backpacking, or solo backpackers through the area.


Efate Articles

Efate Resorts - If you want to escape from the bustle of Port Vila, the island of Efate offers many resorts located on the outskirts of the city, giving you peace and quiet on your Vanuatu holiday.
Island Resort - Although small when compared to other capital cities, Port Vila is still a busy town. So if you prefer staying in a quieter location, we recommend a few resorts, out of many available.
Things to Do on Efate Island - While Port Vila offers a range of holiday activities and attractions, you will find many interesting attractions, places to visit and things to do around the island of Efate.


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