Bungalow Places in Vanuatu

Popular Accommodation Choice in Vanuatu islands

When you plan your stay in Port Vila, bungalow places are some of the most exciting and popular options for couples and families. In general, there are two types of bungalows available at Port Vila resorts.

Two Types of Bungalow Places

Depending on where your bungalow is located, be it inland in a secluded area, or on a waterfront, you will encouner two types of bungalows places in Port Vila and Vanuatu islands in general.

Standard Bungalow

Bungalows facing the swimming pool -
Traditional Port Vila bungalow places offer both standard and water front bungalows
The first type of bungalow is your standard bungalow. Much like a suite, each bungalow offers a secluded view. Some bungalow places offer a beachfront view, while others offer and interior island view, like that of a garden. Many bungalows are positioned correctly for a sunset view. These bungalows tend to be less expensive and still offer a breathtakingly beautiful view to begin and end every day during your vacation in Port Vila.

Water Bungalow

The second type of bungalow is an over water bungalow. Just as it sounds, these bungalows are positioned over the water to create a secluded and magical stay during your time on the island. Many over water bungalows have a king size bed, spa bath, and private sundeck. Furthermore, many bungalow places are designed with traditionally thatched roofs and similar designed for the ultimate island experience.

Port Vila Bungalow Places

Theere are many places in Port Vila that offer bungalow accommodation, be it in a traditional style or a more modern style of bungalows. The following bungalow places and resorts incorporate bungalow accommodation, as well as rooms and villas.

Le Meridien

If you want to located Port Vila bungalow places, your first stop should be to Le Meridien Port Vila Resort. Not only does Le Meridien offer ten deluxe over water bungalows, but it also offers a number of activities for couples and families while enjoying their vacation time together.

Luxury large room at Le Meridien Resort
One of deluxe rooms at Le Meridien Resort in Port Vila, that's ideal for a family accommodation.

Sunset Bungalows

Another popular place to located Port Vila Bungalow places is Sunset Bungalows Resort. Sunset Bungalows offers a variety of bungalows made for honeymooners, couples, or anyone else looking for an escape while on vacation. Sunset Bungalows offers 10 tropical bungalows, an extra large honeymoon bungalow, and eight studio units for your enjoyment.

Paradise Cove Resort

Although not over the water, there are Port Vila bungalows that can accommodate families as well. For those who plan to bring along their family, Paradise Cove Resort offers both 1 bedroom bungalows and 2 bedroom bungalows. The two bedroom bungalows offer a queen-sized bed in the main room and two single beds in the second room.

Make your vacation your chance to stay in one of Port Vila’s many bungalow places. With booking websites, you will find some of the best opportunities for locating Port Vila bungalow places. In addition to narrowing down your options, you are also able to see ratings for each resort, get a list of what types of bungalows are available at each resort, and much more.

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Port Vila Bungalow Info
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Bungalow Places in Port Vila
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