Water Activities in Vanuatu

Types of sailing and other water-based activities
on your holiday in Vanuatu and Port Vila

Getting out and experiencing the water is just part of the fun of a holiday in Vanuatu. Included in those experiences are several different types of sailing and water activities. By learning more about each type, you will be more prepared to decide what activities you would like to enjoy and which ones can wait until your next vacation.

Sailing catamarans

One of the most popular types of sailing in cities around Vanuatu like its capital Port Vila is to take a trip on one of the sailing catamarans. In some areas, you are able to take the catamarans out by yourself. If you are not familiar enough with sailing to go by yourself, you can usually find a sailing catamaran tour or a guide to take you out for the day in a catamaran. Whichever method you choose will largely determine the costs associated to your sailing adventures.

Two men sailing with catamaran
If you are an experienced catamaran sailor, you can sail it solo in Vanuatu,
or get a guide to accompany you and teach catamaran sailing, if inexperienced.

Parasailing in Port Vila

Another way to enjoy a type of sailing in Vanuatu is to go parasailing. With locations in Port Vila and on Hideaway Island, parasailing offers a perfect family activity. Most flights last eight to ten minutes and allow you to go up to 65 meters from the boat.

Both solo and tandem flights are available, which allows for a combination of adult, adult/child, and child/child flights to be taken. The best part about parasailing is that no experience is necessary to be in the middle of the fun. A professional crew will help guide you the entire way, ensuring that all goes well and that you return with a soft and dry landing with top-of-the-line technology.

Two people parasailing with a speed boat
There are both solo and tandem flights available in parasailing activity in Vanuatu.
Tandem flights can be with two adults, or a child with an adult (parent).

Other water activities

In addition to sailing in a catamaran and parasailing, there are several other types of water activities that you can enjoy. On the water, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, and more are available for you to use. Guided cruises and tours can also take you out onto the water and let you experience diving or snorkeling while in Vanuatu.

No matter which sailing and water activities you prefer best, there are a number of exciting things for you to do while on your holiday. Some cost additional funds and others are complementary with your stay at a local resort.

Once you arrive on your Vanuatu holiday, or even before, you should take the time to see which activities require reservations and which ones do not. This way, you are able to plan all of your events for different days, as well as make sure you get to do the ones most important to you.

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