Seven Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

How to make your Vanuatu holiday in Port Vila an interesting one,
filled with unusual activities

Iririki island resort in Port Vila harbour, Vanuatu

When you arrive to Vanuatu, your first stop is Port Vila town, which provides many
different holiday experiences and activities, as well as great places to visit and stay.

A busy port town and the capital of a Southwest Pacific Ocean archipelago nation called Vanuatu, Port Vila is truly a Pacific paradise! You can do plenty of fun things here, including adventure, learning and befriending the locals.

List of 7 fun things to do in Port Vila and Vanuatu:

1. Enjoy the Wet n Wild Adventure Park

Taste absolute adventure and unlimited fun in Port Vila by visiting the Wet n Wild Adventure Park! Among the various attractions for all ages here, you’d most certainly enjoy the 90m Giant Slippery Water Slide giving you an exhilarating and extremely fast ride, and the Human Slingshot Swing launching the G-forces horizontally while moving through the air.

What’s more, you can grab a tasty bite at the Adventure Cafe and sip on refreshing hot and cold drinks.

Want to test your driving skills? Feel the thrill on the park’s exclusive Go Kart dirt track, riding an all-terrain Segway. Have a ball playing Bubble Soccer, a more amusing version of soccer, and the world’s favourite recreational activity.

2. Brew coffee at the Tanna Coffee Factory

Inside Tanna Coffee Factory
One of the fun things to do in Vanuatu is to brew coffee at the Tanna Coffee Factory in Port Vila.

This warm and friendly coffee-roasting factory and snack bar is absolutely worth a visit.

At the Tanna Coffee Roasting Factory, you’ll get ample insights into the Tanna Coffee bean from the factory staff, including the method of its cultivation, how it is packaged and imported from Tanna island and the coffee variants available in the market.

While at the snack bar, indulge in delicious Tanna coffee and complement its rich savoury flavours with scrumptious locally made cakes or light snacks. You can visit the Coffee Factory on any weekday.

3. Shop around the Vila Outdoor Market

A colourful market, also called the Mama's Market, the Vila Outdoor Market, surrounded by the waterfront, is an excellent place to shop around. The market is always open from Monday morning till Saturday noon and is an immediate snapshot of Port Vila’s native culture.

The whole open-air market is made up of fruit and vegetable stands, mini restaurants, and art and craft stalls including souvenirs. Some of the must-buy items at the Vila Outdoor Market are packaged banana chips, skewered almonds, mandarins, inexpensive plastic trinkets, paintings, hand-woven baskets and hand-dyed garments.

Fruit and vegies section at Port Vila Market
At Port Vila Outdoor Market you will find a wide range of fresh produce, and many hand
made Melanesian crafts and souvenirs.

4. Visit the Ekasup Cultural Village

Indulge in learning, one of the best gifts of traveling. At Ekasup Cultural Village, you’d get a wonderful opportunity to interact with the natives of Vanuatu. Learn their ancestors’ way of life of hundreds of years ago, such as their ways of preserving food, making medicines from native herbs, celebrating festivals, protecting themselves, and choosing spouses.

While chatting away with the locals, observe their techniques of designing hunting traps, and of cooking laplap which is a banana preparation and Vanuatu’s national dish. Try your hand at weaving mats and baskets under the guidance of these friendly folks. Don’t miss out on their musical performance which is a striking feature of Ekasup.

5. Enjoy activities at the Iririki Island

View of Port Vila waterfront from Iririki island
Whether you visit Iririki or choose to stay at the resort, you can have a great day of holiday activities on the island, in Port Vila harbour. (Image:

One of the best holiday destinations in Port Vila, Iririki Island located right across the waterfront and amongst breathtaking tropical landscapes of the city.

This green island, packed with Iririki Island Resort bungalows and its many facilities, offers you so many activities to do that you’d never wish to leave the place.

Indulge in wining and dining, snorkelling in Iririki waters, relaxing spa treatments from onto the peak of Iririki, and in a remarkable stay at the island’s luxury resort, which has several types of accommodation to suit your needs.

6. Take an eco-tour to Eden on the River

Want to blend education with adventure? Then Eden on the River is the place to be. A tropical riverscape which includes gardens and a farm park, Eden on the River makes for a worthwhile eco-tour.

If you are seeking adventure, learn to cross a circuit of suspension bridges hanging above the Rentapao River under the guidance of an experienced tour guide. You’d also want to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters here.

If you have a thing for the gardens, explore them through the gourmet tour as the guide acquaints you with the local fruits and flowers. Children can meet and amuse themselves with goat kids at the farm park.

You might want to drive on a dirt bike from the city to this amazing place, taking in the views of the lush countryside. When going on an off-road adventure trip, make sure to equip your vehicle with Sydney motorcycle accessories for guaranteed safety.

The National Museum of Vanuatu building
Get even more acquainted with Vanuatu's Melanesian culture by visiting
the National Museum, located in Port Vila, for a guided tour.

7. Explore the National Museum of Vanuatu

This remarkable museum, facing the Parliament building, has a beautiful display of traditional artefacts like tamtam (slit drums), outrigger narrow boats, traditional headdresses, prehistoric fossils, shell jewellery and pieces of Lapita pottery.

At the National Museum, you’d also find a captivating photographic display on the digging up of Chief Roi Mata's burial place. Take a one-hour guided tour at the museum which includes a traditional instrument presentation and sand drawing.


Now you know how to plan a fun-filled trip to Port Vila. You can easily hire a self-drive car for getting around here and enjoy the various attractions at your own leisure. Make sure to hire a vehicle with Hyundai Tucson roof bars for carrying additional cargo like camping gear and mountain bicycles.

Hyandai Tucson with roof bars
Self-driving is a good way to spend your holiday in Port Vila, to get around Efate island,
where you can visit many places and pack your day doing fun things in Vanuatu.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Vanuatu right away!

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