Romantic Port Vila Resorts

There are Many Romantic Resorts in Port Vila

One of the biggest draws for tourists to Vanuatu is the vast number of romantic Port Vila resorts. These resorts are designed to give those on their honeymoon, anniversary, or just a romantic getaway, the holiday of their dreams. From top-notch service to exciting activities to multiple relaxation methods, you will get all you want and more during your stay.

Le Meridien Resort

One of the popular resorts on the romantic list is the Le Meridien Port Vila Resort. Le Meridien offers guests, several on-site eating establishments, guided tours of the market, a casino, and a day spa. They also offer a golf-course, tennis courts, beach and water-sports, and live entertainment.

Le Meridien Port Vila Resort
One of the best known romantic resorts in Port Vila is Le Merdidien resort,
which provides
numerous on-site facilities for a full range of holiday enjoyment
and activities for couples and families.

Iririki Island Resort

When it comes to romantic Port Vila resorts, one of the most popular is the Iririki Island Resort. Located on a private island in Port Vila, it offers a quiet and peaceful place for guests to retreat. In addition to complimentary ferry service, guests can also enjoy water activities like snorkeling or multiple types of sailing. Iririki Island Resort also offers a spa for the most relaxing visit possible.

Le Lagon Resort

Also on the list for romantic Port Vila resorts is the Le Lagon Resort. Located near Bauerfield International Airport and Pango Beach, Le Lagon has features fit for any type of vacation. Outrigger canoes, winder surfing, and catamarans can help you make the most of your time out on the water.

Other Romantic Port Vila Resorts

Erakor Island Resort
Beach setting at Erakor Island Spa and Resort, located on Erakor Island.
Chantilly’s on the Bay, Paradise Cove Resort, and the Erakor Island Spa and Resort also serve as wonderful places for a romantic holiday. These, however, are a just a few of the many, wonderful romantic resorts and hotels located in or around Port Vila.

For each couple, their expectations of romantic Port Vila resorts may include different criteria. Therefore, it is important that each couple take the time to determine which resorts offer what they want and which ones do not. The chances of finding a resort in Port Vila that offers exactly what you like are greater than you might believe.

To find out more about romantic Port Vila resorts, including rates, availability, and services you should first take a trip to online booking agents. Not only can you find out additional details about each resort that makes your short list, but you can also search for real user reviews and pictures of each resort too. With the extra work already done for you, planning your stay at one of the many romantic Port Vila resorts has never been so easy.

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