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Get More Than You Expect in Port Vila Holiday Accommodations

The beautiful, laidback city of Port Vila offers travelers numerous types of budget holiday accommodation in the area. While most travelers choose to stay in an all-inclusive resort, there are hotel, motel and even apartment rentals available for your holiday stay. This city offers numerous choices, be it for a budget holiday or a luxury holiday experience. Here are some suggestions for top accommodation in Port Vila.

Coral Motel

Offering spacious rooms, with comfortable beds, the Coral Motel lets you stay in the city for less than what you will pay the resorts. The motel's owners live on property and offer great service and a friendly demeanor. All rooms feature air conditioning, ceiling fans, full kitchens and more. Coral Motel is located convenient to Port Vila, as well as several resorts, giving you the best access to dining and drinks.

Le Lagon Resort in Port Vila, with waterfront bungalows
Le Lagon Resort in Port Vila is another luxury resort that provides
top accommodation and services, with 
a full range of resort facilities
for a wonderful holiday fun in Vanuatu.

Fatumaru Lodge

The quaint Fatumaru Lodge offers only a few rooms, but is within walking distance of Port Vila. You will also find an incredible swimming pool and sundeck for your enjoyment, as well as some of the friendliest service on the island. The owners are French, but speak perfect English, as well as Bislama. This is a great option for families traveling to the island; connecting rooms are available for your convenience and comfort. The views from Fatumaru Lodge are fantastic, overlooking the bay and the sparkling ocean beyond.

Pacific Lagoon Apartments

This resort offers only 11 units, each overlooking the exquisite beauty of Erakor Lagoon. Every room at Pacific Lagoon Apartments offers a full kitchenette, as well as family friendly accommodations. Comfortable bedding, air conditioning, cable TV programming and garden views are all available here, as well. While the hotel does not offer dining on property, Le Lagon Resort is nearby, featuring great dining and a full bar open to anyone.

A room at Le Meridien Hotel in Port Vila
Le Meridien Hotel is another one of top accommodation places that you will find
at Port Vila, which caters for those desiring a plentiful holiday offer.

Le Meridien Hotel

This is the largest hotel on the island, featuring 144 guestrooms and villas. Numerous accommodations options are available for your needs, including double rooms with views of the lagoon, twin rooms, deluxe rooms with private bedrooms and two baths, lagoon villas and more. Le Meridien Hotel also offers three pools, private beach access, a health spa and even a casino on property. While the property is billed as a hotel, you will find a resort atmosphere and all the amenities with this option. Snorkeling, skiing, jet skis, fishing and diving are available from the beach in front of Le Meridien Hotel.

There are many more holiday places that offer top accommodation in Port Vila and other parts of Vanuatu. Booking sites will help you find the price you need, including a list of the top hotels in the city and the surrounding area.

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