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Port Vila is the capital city of Vanuatu and is situated on island of Efate. As the largest city in Vanuatu, it also serves as the commercial center. Vanuatu is a country that receives thousands of tourists and visitors every year. When looking for places to stay in Vanuatu, Port Vila accommodation places are your best bet. There are many comfortable resorts, hotels, and accommodation places in Port Vila where visitors can stay as they explore the city.

Chantilly's on the Bay Hotel

Chantilly's on the Bay room
Luxury room at Chantilly's on the Bay Hotel

Staying in a classic hotel situated next to the beach is a good experience. Chantilly's on the bay hotel is a good place specifically designed for guests who are visiting Port Vila. The good advantage is that the hotel is located next to major shops and other restaurants. Its central location has made its popularity to rise.

According to statistics, the hotel has become one of the favorite spots for visitors. Tourists and business people now have the perfect place that has modern facilities and amenities. For instance, there are good onsite facilities where business people can hold any event. Needless to say, the nearby attractions provide a good chance to view all the places of interest.

Tropical beach in the Pacific
Port Vila and Vanuatu resorts are usually best places to stay in this
tropical island destination,
although you will find many other hotel and bungalow
accommodation options just as good to spend your holiday.

Moorings Hotel Port Vila

A Moorings Hotel bungalow in Port Vila
Moorings hotel room in Port Vila
This is a great place popularly recognized for its ambience and elegance. It is a quiet place and one of the frequently visited accommodation spots in Port Vila. It is located 4 kilometers from the main airport making it easily accessible by traveler. With the amazing wide variety of modern amenities and comfortable rooms, this is a great place to stay in Vanuatu and explore Port Vila attractions.

Paradise Cove Resort Vanuatu

A good place to stay should be able to take you away from the crowd and stress that comes with everyday life. Paradise Cove Resort Vanuatu is arguably the best for travelers who are looking for a quiet place. Ideal for tropical holidays, the resort boasts of spacious bungalows and amazing tropical gardens next to the beach. If you are visiting with your family, there are also quality child care and babysitting services offered.

Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Hideaway Island Resort swimming pool
Swimming pool at Hideaway Island Resort

Port Vila is an amazing place that has a lot in store for visitors. Those looking for a complete relaxation can visit Hideaway island resort & marine sanctuary. It is an ideal place with all the amenities necessary for a relaxing holyday. It is located in the middle of clear turquoise water and amazing coral reefs.

The accommodation will definitely excite you because of the Melanesian style and touch. The amazing rooms are comfortable and are situated right in the middle of the tropical plants that surround the resort. Apart from the accommodation, the facility also features exciting land based and water activities to keep visitors occupied.

Tradewinds Resort

This is a good place that guarantees you an unforgettable holiday stay in Vanuatu. It is a plausible choice for visitors who are looking for a relaxed accommodation blended with the best services. The place is situated near the Port Vila shopping center. It can simply be described as a charming property with comfortable and affordable accommodation units. The presence of the modern amenities guarantees visitors an utmost comfort. Apart from a shopping arcade, other resort facilities that you will find here include swimming pools, airport transfer and a barbecue area.

Just about everything you need for a memorable Vanuatu holiday can be found in Port Vila, which offers the best choice of holiday accommodation places. Take advantage of your holiday break and travel to this amazing country.

These are great places for visitors to stay in Vanuatu and explore the beauty of Port Vila. As long as you know your needs and preferences, it will be easier to select the right holiday accommodation in Port Vila.

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