Best Places for Couples to Stay in Port Vila

Top holiday resorts for couples in Port Vila

An official republic, Vanuatu is an island nation found in the South Pacific. Its capital is Port Vila, known for gourmet food, duty free shopping, balmy breezes and a great tropical town atmosphere. It abounds with a veriety of restaurants, cafes, and waterfront bars.

Vanuatu islands offer numerous attractions. The largest island Espiritu Santo is home to one of the best shipwreck dives, SS President Coolidge. The large ship is a leftover from the WWII, that lies in clear water and easy accessible for divers. Another popular Vanuatu island, Tanna, is home to an active volcano Mount Yasur, one of the world's most accessible volcanos.

Cocktails for two at a tropical resort
A beautiful beach resort can be a great setting for a romantic outting,
both during the day or in the evening, as the best places for couples.

Other attractions that can be found in Vanuatu, especially on its main island of Efate, include cascading waterfalls, cultural dances, feast nights, traditional ceremonies, ancient culture practising communities, and a perfect natural scenery and beaches. Vanuatu and Port Vila are superb destinations for couples, looking to rekindle their romance, enjoy their honeymoon, renew their wedding vows, all done in private romantic settings.

Below are some of the best recommended places for couples in Vanuatu.

1. Sunset Bungalows Resort

This particular resort oozes with privacy and romance since it is an adult only spot. It is just perfect for couples seeking romantic getaways, plain relaxation together or probably to take time out of hectic schedules to bond and work on their relationship. A bar and restaurant is available onsite to cater for merry making and nourishment. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to go into town by bus ride from the resort. There is no beach here but they do have a lovely pool instead. They are fairly priced and one is guaranteed of an enjoyable stay.

Sunset Bungalows in Port Vila, Vanuatu
One of the best places for couples in Vanuatu is waterfront holiday accommodation
at Sunset Bungalows Resort, offering privacy and romantic setting.

2. Le Lagon Resort and Spa

The large and popular resort has variety in accommodation from island suites to bungalows to garden rooms, couples have many choices to suit their budget plans. It has well-manicured gardens and many facilities as is expected of any large resort. It offers refurbished and conditioned rooms, a spa, a lobby, bars, restaurants, tennis, golf and water sports. It is mature, convenient, cool and posh with breathtaking scenery and helpful staff. Couples are provided with any type of service they would need within the resort and theirs is only to enjoy their stay.

3. Tamanu On The Beach

The unique boutique property offers romance, privacy and authenticity for couples and travelers who want a different experience. The silence one will have there is simply golden. All there is to see and feel is nature at its best. The 500 meter private beach is best characterized by white sands and secluded cottages that assure maximum privacy. The six coral cottages which are made in French provincial styles have just recently undergone refurbishing using beach themed furnishings and furniture.

Tamanu on the Beach resort in Port Vila
For those who enjoy peace and quiet, Tamanu on the Beach is a great
beachfront place to stay in Vanuatu.

These include king sized beds with latex tops, mosaic tiles, fluffy towels, quality linen, rain fittings and showers in the coral bathrooms which are open air. The atmosphere itself screams privacy and romance and the boutique management have further insisted on this by adding in minor yet important details. They also do have a restaurant to cater to tourists and it is among the best in Vanuatu.

Couples are guaranteed to find many romantic and serene places in Vanuatu through numerous online sites.

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