Port Vila Accommodation

How and where to find best holiday accommodation in Port Vila city

When you travel to Vanuatu, your gateway to this tropical island archipelago is the capital Port Vila. So, it's only natural that many visitors tend to stay in the town, choosing one of many accommodation places in the city. The most popular type of holiday accommodation in Port Vila are resorts, some of which provide hotel type of accommodation. But you will also find bungalows, villas, motels and hotels.

  Accommodation in Port Vila and Vanuatu
Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

Being the capital of Vanuatu and the largest city in the country, Port Vila abounds with many different holiday accommodation choices. You will find both traditional and modern bungalows, motels, hotels and of course resorts, which tend to offer all-inclusive packages.

Beautiful Accommodations

Beautiful Accommodations

When choosing from an array of holiday houses, villas, apartments, lodges, resorts and hotels in Port Vila, you can also base your selection on some of the most beautiful accommodation places in Vanuatu. We give you a few choices places.

Best Resorts in Port Vila

Best Resorts in Port Vila

Being the gateway to Vanuatu and its islands, Port Vila offers and array of holiday resorts accommodation. We suggest several top resorts in and around Port Vila that offer good facilities and exceptional value, both for families and couples.

Budget Hotels in Port Vila

Budget Hotels in Port Vila

There's a plethora of hotels and resorts in Port Vila for budget travellers. We suggest a list of median priced hotels that offer good service, all inclusive packages, and many complimentaries. If you are a budget-minded traveller, you'll find some good tips here.

Club Accommodations

Country Club Accommodations

For something different, you can choose to stay at a club accommodation. These are usually golfing clubs, offering resort and country club style accommodation. They're mostly located just outside of Port Vila, making it easy to include golf course in their offer.

Port Vila Motels

Guide to Port Vila Motels

If you've decided on a budget accommodation on your holiday in Vanuatu, you will find motels in Port Vila reasonably priced. They offer some fine options suited for any budget. Many of them are located close to the town, or just outside, making it convenient.

Hotels in Port Vila

Hotels Variety in Port Vila

Thousands of visitors have been enjoying hospitality and beauty of Port Vila. The local hotels and resorts attract more guests each year, as the range of accommodation options increases. Each year new hotels are added, increasing your options.

Places for Couples

Places for Couples in Port Vila

As one of great destinations for honeymooners and couples, Port Vila and Vanuatu offer plenty of accommodations choices for romantic couples. We have selected top three Port Vila resorts as best places for couples to stay.

Places to Stay

Places to Stay at Port Vila

When looking for an accommodation on your Vanuatu holiday, Port Vila will give you best choices. There are many comfortable hotels and resorts where you can stay while exploring the city's many holiday sights and tourist attractions.

Port Vila Resorts

Popular Port Vila Resorts

Numerous resorts around the city provide a great holiday accommodation and amenities. These include Chantilly's on the Bay, Laguna Vista, The Sebel, and Tradewinds Resort. Each of these town resorts offer something different to their guests.

Top Accommodation

Port Vila Top Accommodation

If you like to stay in rooms instead of bungalows or resorts, you will find hotels, motels, and apartments holiday rentals available in Port Vila, including holiday units and villas. These are top accommodations that attract returnee visitors.

Romantic Resorts

Romantic Resorts in Port Vila

Many Vanuatu resorts cater for those spending their honeymoon, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just enjoying a romantic getaway. Port Vila resorts will offer you a top-notch services for your romantic holiday. Take a look at what's available.

We give you here some select choices of bungalow, motel, hotel and resort type of places to stay. There are those that cater for couples only, but majority of these accommodation places provide family packages.

Vanuatu holiday packages

Usually, many holiday accommodation places in Port Vila will include bed and breakfast option. If you are coming with a family, children meals might be included. Likewise, some of holiday activities at the place where you stay might be part of your holiday package.

There are also full packages that include return airfares. But these are mostly available from Australia and New Zealand, being the closest major countries to Vanuatu, where most of visitors to Vanuatu are coming from.

It's also not unusual for some of Port Vila accommodation places to include free return airport transfers in their overall holiday package. Shop around and you will find many different offers available for your Port Vila holiday.